Try these snacks certified nutritionist, health risks of sugar before your stomach starts to growl and scratch! Put your mind to eat healthy foods every day. Fill unfilled promise.”The avocado is a heart healthy alternative, rich in folate, vitamin E, C
and B6, potassium and soluble fiber,” according to the American Dietetic
Association. “They also contain heart-healthy unsaturated fat, and
nutrients, which reduce cholesterol levels, promote the vision, and possibly protect against cancer.”This smoothie recipe from Laurel On Health Food is great for the skin. Coconut water and avocado will keep you hydrated and silky.

Avocado Pineapple Smoothie
(Makes 2-3 Servings)

1 ripe avocado
1 cup fresh pineapple
1½ cups coconut water, unsweetened
½ cup 100% orange juice
6 ice cubes
1 tbsp. agave nectar (optional)Scoop out the avocado flesh to the blender. Add remaining ingredients and mix until smooth.