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Hearth Healthy Snacks

August 9th 2011 in Food, Health Topics, Vitamins
Cashew nuts nuts are packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and are a great source of magnesium. Also it Reduces the total level of cholesterol. Decreases your LDL level of “bad” cholesterol and Improve your total good cholesterol which is important for heart and bone health, even if you eat just a handful. They are incredibly rich in protein and fiber, which makes a filling snack
Nuts are a choice filling and satisfying snack.They are a perfect all-natural choice when you travel. Choose unsalted raw nuts and when available.


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Try these snacks certified nutritionist, health risks of sugar before your stomach starts to growl and scratch! Put your mind to eat healthy foods every day. Fill unfilled promise.”The avocado is a heart healthy alternative, rich in folate, vitamin E, C
and B6, potassium and soluble fiber,” according to the American Dietetic
Association. “They also contain heart-healthy […]

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It help to reduce insulin levels which is helpful for weight loss, lycopene loaded that may reduce your risk of developing cancer. All these health benefits from grapefruit and best to reach darker colored grapefruits. Eating 1 medium grapefruit¬† give you 80 calories. Healthy snacks isn’t it!
Also according to University of Chicago that eating grapefruit […]

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